When we arrived in the shelter, we saw a box near the street, in about 30 meters away from the shelter. Inside the box were 4 puppies, only a month old. Only one of them was still breathing, another 3 already had died from high temperature shock. The yellow one that was still alive, we managed to recover immediately.

We were searching around in case there were more of them and suddenly the little black one showed up, coming out of the canal. She was dehydrated too, but luckily managed to get out from the box on time, and stayed in the shade.

They were probably left in the early morning hours beacuse our day here starts at 8.00-8.30 am and ends up at 1.00 am, all day working and providing the fresh water for the animals because of the high temperatures. We assume these little ones spent a couple of hours in the box without water, on a temperature approximately 50°C in the sun. The black and the yellow one were taken to the vet station right away, where they were given the therapy which they will continue to use. Their immunity is so weak. We will do anything for their recover and health and frankly we hope that we will make it. Then they will recieve the first puppy vaccine and then another 2 petovalent.

They are now in the Milan Stojanovic’s appartment and they will need another home or temporarily accomodation urgently.

You also can see their story in the post of our FB page here

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