Please, take 5 minutes of your time, to look the video, the photos and to share. Only with your help, we can provide warm doghouses for our muzzles in the shelter.

Our doghouses have worn out and we need to provide the new ones.
Tied dogs are always the priority for adoption, all about them you can read here

In the late 2012. we bought 50 doghouses. Doghouses with sheet metal roofs are still entire, but another 15 without it are damaged and it is necessary to provide the new ones, whose roofs would be covered with a tin layer. Doghouses will have a thermal insulation.

Things we need:
10 middle-sized doghouses = 550€
5 large doghouses = 425€
In total: 975€

it’s fall already, the rainings are very often and we sincerely hope that with your help we’ll manage to provide the warm doghouses for our paw-buddies, before the winter. There’s no such thing as a little help, every help is big enough!

We will regularly post the updates with collected amount. When we get the new doghouses, we’ll update the photos.

We warmly thank you.


Milan Stojanović
Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac