Some fellow was passing by on his tractor today, he stopped by and said that in the narrow street about 100 meters away from the shelter near his field, there was a dog almost with no half of the skin.
Luckily, it wasn’t the way the man had said, but it was terrible for sure. The skin was ripped off on 3 areas as well as some muscle tissues.
Today was 38°C (in the shade) and he was standing on the sun.
He was treated right away by vet assistance, the wounds were washed and taken care. He was centered in the shelter. He was given the therapy that it will be used in the next period.
The injury is old and the wound dressing is not possible beacuse of the lack of the skin. We don’t know what happened nor on what/whom this dog ran into. He doesn’t have a microchip.

He was given the therapy every day, his wounds are almost in totally healed and he is ready for adption now.

Please take a look video, yoo can see this boy how he looks like now.

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