We saw him near the road. He doesn’t have a front left leg and is with the injury on his back left paw.
A male, about 9 months old, he was wandering around, abandoned. He was very frightened, running away across the street, and then going in some yards. That day, we couldn’t come closer to him.

The next day, we were chasing him, we had to stop the traffic so he could pass the street, until we finally caught him. 
Now he is on the warm and dry place where he is safe, but only temporary until he recovers and gets adequate therapy.
The dog with a handicap, can’t stay in the shelter, so we are politely asking you to help us to get him some accommodation until this beauty finds a new home and also a prosthesis to be able to walk again normally.

 Help – Share – Adopt

Each of 335 dogs in our shelter was rescued from the street. The every day struggle feeding all of them and providing the veterinary care is big enough. If you are able to help us to get them all the necessary food, we will be very grateful in the name of all of them!