These 12 dogs are nott tied up because they are agressive, but only because of their safety. Each of them needed help on the streets, they were either sick or hurt. We needed to take care of them even though we had no space in the shelter.

We tried each of them to put into the box with another two or three dogs in the shelter, but those other dogs did not accept them, which is understandable, since it is already their own territory, and leaving a dog in that kind of situation is of great risk, which we cannot allow.

That’s why they are tied up, they are healed. Now they have their own dog houses, their own peace, food and water bowls.
But they don’t have one most important thing – family… Freedom.
Each dog has been socialized, neutered/castrated and ready for adoption. Absolutely every one of them accepts other dogs.

They are not showing the least of agression and are very cuddly.
Please, let’s try to take care at least one of them. The summer is coming, heat is coming fast.

All of dogs in the shelter have a possibility to cool down somewhere in the shade, whether if it is dogs that are in the boxes or the ones that are walking around, but the dogs that are tied up HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO POSSIBILITY, except to get into their own house which is even hotter then the outdoor temperature.

Therefore, we kindly ask you to help and share this page, so we could release them from all those chains and so they could be taken care of, in their new homes or foster!